Life is Good, AND You Have Areas You Wish Were Different

Most people believe that their life has to be all jacked up in order to need a Life Coach.  Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Almost all people that are rocking it in life have coaches, and even coaches need coaches (I have TWO)!  Most often, people either believe their life is ‘Fine” or “A Total Mess”, but seldom is their belief somewhere in between. The reality is, most of our lives are GOOD, we just have ‘areas’ that could be different. It’s important to first look at ALL areas of life – and connect to the ‘experience’ of each of these areas – before determining which areas need focus. Using a diagnostic tool is the best way to do this.

You’ve Hit a “Plateau” At Work or At Home

Just like at the gym, you can reach a point where you feel like no matter what you do, you’re just not seeing the changes you seek anymore. You’re about to give up, thinking “This working out thing must not be for me!”  After a while, what you’ve been doing just no longer works to get you what you want. Stepping back, re-evaluating, and making a new plan is all that’s needed here.  Start FRESH!  We HUMANS can get comfy in our daily routines, and we also RESIST change. A Life Coach can get you out of your ‘stuck-ness’ by sharing tools to move from head to heart, help you create new empowering habits, and help you uncover limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you.

You’re Just Not “Fulfilled”

Do you have “Keeping up with the Joneses” syndrome? Are you constantly comparing and wishing you were someone or somewhere else other than honoring who and where you are? I remember feeling the same way. It’s common for our Ego (that part of our reptilian brain that is automatic and primitive, not who we REALLY are) to constantly compare. When we connect to the Self (through mindfulness or a meditation practice), we begin to see that most of what we really want, we already have.  We already have people in our lives to acknowledge, many great moments of JOY and success, and our materials needs that are being met (for the most part).  It is the MIND that constantly strives for ‘more’ or ‘better’.  When we can tap into the true experience of our own lives, we spend more time in states of gratitude and appreciation, which is where true fulfillment resides.  Having a full life is a CREATION, not something that happens to us and when we realize this, life begins to look very different.

You Don’t Really Know What “It” Is, But You’re Not Really Feelin’ “It”

Just as in lacking fulfillment in our lives (see above), constantly seeking the next thing to bring us happiness, or having the belief that when we finally find ‘it’, THEN we will be happy – this is an ILLUSION that will keep you miserable!  The mind, again, is duping us into thinking that gratification lies somewhere “out there.”  Most people spend their whole life attaining goals, buying things, jumping from relationship to relationship (and along the way having little to no satisfaction) believing that it’s the next thing that’s REALLY going to make them happy.  When we CHOOSE happiness, moment by moment, then happiness becomes an experience we have all day long, every day, because we say so. This is the difference between living life deliberately and being at the AFFECT of life.  Which will you choose?

I Don’t Have Money for the Things I Really Want

Money is energy.  The amount of money in our bank account is a direct reflection of our own experiences (there’s that word again!).  If we are walking around in a state of lack or negativity, then money will elude us, not be our friend, and we will not have the experience of being abundant. Shifting our awareness to the fact we are ALREADY whole and complete, money is attracted to our energetic outpouring of abundance.  We have the realization that we CREATE our own abundance by the thoughts and beliefs we give our ATTENTION to – this draws our desires to us, just by who we are BEING. Being RICH is not what we DO or HAVE, but is a state of being that draws rich-ness into our experience.

You Are Focused on Any of the Following:  “Finding the Perfect (Mate, Job, Body, etc.)”

In this age of technology and instant gratification, it has become the ‘norm’ to always strive for something BETTER – a better Job, the perfect spouse, and of course the ULTIMATE figure. You can’t get to where you want to go without first appreciating and accepting where you are right now. The thing to get is that there is NO SUCH THING. We can imagine what would be  ‘ideal’, but we then must detach from the outcome and TRUST that all IS perfect just AS IT IS.  “ALL Suffering comes from wishing things were different than they are.” (Said the Buddha).  If we can hold an INTENTION for our ideal-whatever and then have our ATTENTION in the present moment, then our desires will manifest because it is is in the present that the future is created.  We set the intention and then LET GO (detach) and trust the Universe will sort out the details AND may even surprise us by giving us something more AMAZING than we could have imagined for ourselves. This is the MAGIC of detachment. The intending, letting go, then trusting the Universe knows WHAT’S UP!!!!

Lastly, if you have resistance around what a Life Coach costs, ask yourself “What is living an EXCELLENT and REWARDING life worth to me?” Remember, money is energy, so when we invest in our OURSELVES in this way, the Universe rewards us by taking care of us.  You may not notice it right away, but when you commit to YOURSELF, you begin to experience life as you want it.  We are not meant to struggle, but to en-JOY Life on this planet and a Life Coach can guide and support you in CREATING real and lasting changes!