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By using practical tools to stay accountable and have clear objectives, work with Micole to MASTER the game(s) you are playing in life. This results in the capacity to live a life BY YOUR OWN DESIGN and to enJOY life FULLY.

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Session and Package info as follows:

3-month “Ta-Da” – Outline your specific goals and then be on your way to SUCCESS!

2x/month: $900*

4x/month $1800*

6-Month “Get Out of Your Way” – Do you need clarity around goals and to be held accountable to what you say you are committed to?

2x/month: $2100*

4x/month: $4200*

12-month “Re-Boot You”: Are you unclear about goals, disconnected from Self, and need a complete overhaul of old ways of thinking and BEING?

2x/month: $4800*

4x/month $9600*

*All fees are due upon signing Coaching Agreement and before services are rendered


I was introduced to Micole from a friend that I met for dinner and asked for her information after I noticed a change in her. I started working with Micole in January 2016 and the past 9 months have felt like a new start and an awakening of some sort. Through meditation and other tools, she helped me step back, figure out what I want and how to create my own path. This year I am on track to meet all my goals with a trip to Peru already accomplished. My days are less stressful, more meaningful, and 100% mine.

T. Weaver

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