Research indicates that all suffering and emotional pain result from resistance.

Do you resist your own shortcomings or patterns of behavior that appear when you’re feeling out of alignment or having an ‘off’ day?

Don’t resist. BE that you are perfectly flawed.

Society gives us messages that our own suffering is wrong and unsightly. As humans, we all suffer from time to time and to varying degrees.

To accept this about ourselves and as a part of life actually builds our character. We would not be human after all without at least a little bit of suffering.

The key is not to condemn ourselves for the pain we are in. To be healthy, we need to incorporate the teachings of our own suffering into our lives. It can seem there is too much suffering in the world, but the fact is there is always suffering somewhere. Without it, we would not know joy.

Feel your own anguish. Our ability to feel is what makes us human.

Suffering is a natural part of life. It is the opposite of fun. How long we suffer is a choice and learning from our own hardships encourages our growth.