Do you know what you really want? Once you’ve connected to your truest, deepest desires, it’s time to set some goals and then take inspired actions. Here’s how:

#1 Set Clear Objectives – Determine which areas of your life could use improvement or be better. (Hint: As a Coach, I offer a free discovery session to help identify these areas). What would a clear objective or result be for these areas, say in 3 months, 6 months, or a year? The more specific you can be, the better.

#2 Make a Plan, Then Stick to It – Use your planner or calendar to get specific actions in existence. (If it’s not in the calendar, it’s likely not happening). Practice being accountable to yourself, by doing what you say you will do by when you say you will do it.

#3 Be Happy – Happiness is a state of Being, not a doing-ness. Notice the experience you’re having, and what thoughts or beliefs are present to create that experience? If you’re not experiencing happiness or joy, perhaps adopting a belief that will support you, or shifting your thoughts to something more positive will help. Hire a Coach to support you.  By experiencing more happiness, we draw more of what makes us happy to us.

Creating what we want is simple. It is being stuck in our minds that causes it to be complicated.