1. Does Instagram count?  My, how the MIND will justify…Addiction is addiction is addiction.  It’s not Facebook I’m addicted to, it’s ANY distraction from what’s REALLY important – like growing my business (for instance).
  2. Multi-tasking has jacked me up.  Did you know we are not meant to multi-task?  FOCUS is my mantra for 2017 because I’m aware of just how hard it is to have my mind on one thing at a time.  Like in meditation, I have to keep bringing it back and bringing it back. Who knew LIFE was a practice? #wow
  3. HABITS.  Do you have any BAD HABITS?  I do!  Wasting time on social media, watching too much news, reality TV, to name a few. Putting limits on these things is essential.  However, not invalidating myself for having bad habits, but having the awareness is Step 1. (Side Note:  NOT being on Facebook = less ‘FAKE NEWS’ taking up space in my brain = Bonus!)
  4. When I’m on the phone, I’m used to surfing the web.  What a BAD professional/friend/family member/neighbor (the list goes on) I AM! I am NOT present to people in my life and giving them my undivided attention when I’m on the phone with them. This is not OK with me.
  5. I am neurotic about researching things on Google.  When not browsing the social media pages, I’m thinking about all the things I need to research on Google and I need to do it NOW because I might forget.  OMG!!  This is frickin’ NEUROTIC.  The human brain is CRAY!

Bottom Line:  Taking a break from social media was invaluable to me and I am now aware of the neurosis that has been my life and that of most people.  The GOOD NEWS?  I help people break their bad habits in my coaching so it’s time for some good old-fashioned Self Coaching 101.  I’m already using my time differently from this little exercise so it was definitely worth it.

Be willing to stop and look at the areas of your life that are not IDEAL (def.: what is PERFECT, most suitable) and make the necessary changes NOW!