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Micole can customize any program you have an interest in, such as Primordial Sound Meditation, Perfect Health (Ayurvedic Lifestyle), or Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. She also has an online program for you called Love Your Life Now which is a great way to begin a meditation practice and learn about secrets to LOVING Your Life NOW!


Be Peaceful with Primordial Sound Meditation

It’s time to get your meditation on…. and your personal mantra is just what you need to create a strong meditation practice. This program is perfect for those that would like formal instruction in meditation or to deepen their current practice. A mantra is a tool that helps us to quiet down the mind so that we can allow our bodies to do what they know how to do – HEAL themselves. A personal mantra is not something you own. It’s something you savor. It’s sacred and special and shared with you in ceremony. It’s something to be honored. It reconnects you to your essence… to the vibration of the planet when you were born. It’s YOURS and works for you on a deep level. Primordial Sound Meditation is a timeless technique for experiencing STILLNESS and SILENCE while tapping into the universal nature of all things. We are talking pure potential here! Want some?

3 Hour Program | $429



Be Balanced with Perfect Health Program

The Perfect Health program is delivered to you the same way it is shared at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, CA. During this program you will learn all about this ancient system of healing from India. By understanding your body constitution is made of the same stuff as that of the Universe, you can identify when you are out of balance and learn tools and techniques for restoring balance easily in the body and mind…. and in a short period of time! This course meets once per week for two hours for a total of 6 weeks. Oh yes, 6 weeks to your perfect balance!

6 Week Program | $595



Be Prosperous with 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

Prosperity is something that Deepak Chopra knows very well and has created a whole program around it to support YOU! This program is based on Chopra’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, and is designed to help you master the timeless teachings of prosperity. If you are ready to manifest your deepest desires using the laws of nature, this program is SO for you. What are these laws of nature I speak of? Giving & Receiving, Karma, Least Effort, Intention and Desire, Detachment, Dharma and Pure Potentiality.

It is promised you will:

  • Connect to who you really are
  • Discover what you really want
  • Be more peaceful, happy and abundant
  • Manifest your truest desires with effortless ease

3 Hour Workshop | $349


If you are a busy person in need of some tools to help you slow down and take care of yourself, Micole is the person to go to. She is a working mother and wife, active in her community, lives a full social life–and still finds time to meditate and teach meditation. Taking her class is truly giving a gift to yourself–and in addition to giving you your personal mantra to help quiet your mind, she explains the many benefits of mediation, and gives you practical and realistic tips to actually create and maintain a regular practice. She is personable, professional, supportive, uses relevant, real life examples to illustrate her teachings and firmly believes in the benefits of her work–which creates a priceless experience for her students.

Beth F.

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Wherever you are, we can work together! I am able to conduct coaching sessions/workshops by phone and/or Skype.

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